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Pieces of Light: 2012 in review

It’s been good to see Pieces of Light appearing on a few of the end-of-year round-up lists:

In the Sunday Times, Christopher Potter chose it as one of his science Books of the Year:

In Pieces of Light, Charles Fernyhough has had the arresting idea of writing a book about memory that is also a memoir. As a psychologist clearly well up on the latest research, he shows how memory itself relies on language and storytelling. Investigating his own memories with a writerly eye, he brings to vibrant life scenes from a childhood refreshingly free of misery.

In the Sunday Express, historian Bettany Hughes said it was the book she would most like to find under her tree: ‘a very clever book’, she called it.

The New Scientist, who reviewed the book back in July, picked it as one of their top ten popular science books of the year, calling it ‘a moving tour through the unique deceptions of memory’. They are running a promotion where you can win all ten books on the list.

Finally, the excellent podcast series Little Atoms have picked it as one of their top ten books of 2012. I talked to Neil from Little Atoms about the book back in August.

You can read some of the reviews from earlier in the year in the panel on the right.

There’s still time to grab a copy for a last-minute Christmas present. In the US, you’ll have to wait until 19 March, when the book is published by HarperCollins. Here’s how the US cover looks. The book is also available for pre-order.

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