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The Old Library

Two years ago I was lucky enough to be a Derek Brewer Visiting Fellow at Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The main purpose of the fellowship was to work with my colleague Jon Simons on the subjective experience of remembering (you can read some of the fruits of our work here). But spending time in the College’s beautiful old spaces inevitably got me thinking about what it would be like to make music there. I was particularly drawn to the history and ambience of the College’s Old Library and – with the kind permission of the Master and Fellows – we were lucky enough to be able to perform there as Improvizone.

Although our friendships go back a long way, this particular group of individuals had never played together before. We were inspired by the beautiful atmosphere and acoustics to create some special music, including one long piece that we are today releasing as the new Improvizone album. You can listen to it here on Bandcamp (pay what you can).

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