New live EP: columba aspexit

Released today, this new EP is a live recording of an improvised ambient performance at Iklectik in Lambeth, London, as part of the regular Tuesdays Post series of experimental progressive ambient music. 

The pieces were inspired by the music of Hildegard of Bingen, the twelfth-century abbess and visionary who is often considered to be the first individually identifiable composer in Western music. 

Iklectik is the only venue in London permanently set up for Ambisonics sound, an immersive surround-sound technology that places the listener at the centre of a three-dimensional sound landscape. The Ambisonics sound was created using the Envelop for Live plugins for Ableton Live. The set was recorded in binaural sound on the mixing desk, meaning that what is heard here is what was heard in the room on the night. There was something about the performance that felt worth preserving in its entirety. 

All proceeds from this EP are being donated to the British Red Cross, supporting their work with the victims of Putin’s illegal war in Ukraine, the earthquake disaster in Turkey and Syria, the Africa food crisis, the devastation caused by flooding in Pakistan and the deadly Afghanistan earthquake of June 2022. 

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