I have played guitar in a variety of musical projects.

Photo credit: Michael Bearkpark

Most recently, I have been collaborating with the ambient improvisational duo Darkroom on a project relating to the Hubbub project at Wellcome Collection. Our most recent recording, ‘Down in the Clouds‘, comes from a concert we played at the ‘Rest and its Discontents‘ exhibition in Mile End, London (October 2016).

Earlier in 2016 we played a concert for intensive care patients at University College Hospital, London, which included this track, ‘The Mermaid of Marmara‘.

We performed at the Hubbub Late Spectacular at Wellcome Collection in September 2015; you can listen to some recordings here. You can read some background on our exploration of the science of ambient music here.

Previously I was a founding member of Aimless Mules, a five-piece rock band based in the south-east of England. Our members were Chris Wild (vocals), Andrew Booker (drums), Nic Regan (bass), Michael Bearpark (guitar) and me (guitar). A studio EP with live bonus tracks is forthcoming.

Aimless Mules share an ancestry with the Essex-based band The Rise, active in the latter half of the eighties, and with the avant-garde folk incarnation of Samuel Smiles, who played regularly in Cambridge and East Anglia in the early nineties.

Improvizone play improvised music in venues in London, the south-east and elsewhere. I played with them at a gig in December 2009 at the Luna Lounge, Leytonstone. You can listen to some recordings from the gig here.

Find me on Soundcloud here.