I am a part-time (0.5) Professor in the Department of Psychology, Durham University. My background is in developmental psychology, with a particular focus on social, emotional and cognitive development. Through theoretical and empirical work, I have contributed to the understanding of how language and thought are related in child development and beyond. The focus of my recent scientific work has been in applying ideas from mainstream developmental psychology to the study of psychosis, particularly the phenomenon of voice-hearing (in which individuals hear voices in the absence of any speaker). I have developed a new model of voice-hearing and inner speech, and conducted empirical studies testing aspects of the model in clinical and healthy samples.

I lead the interdisciplinary project Hearing the Voice, which is based at Durham University but involves an international team of collaborators. The project is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

I am on the editorial boards of Schizophrenia Bulletin and Psychology of Consciousness.

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